VidMate APK Latest Version 5.1 | Updated 2024 | Security Verified

VidMate APK is a top YouTube video downloader app for Android. It allows you to easily download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status, and TikTok. 

This application is totally safe to use. Many data security and antivirus programs, such as Lookout, McAfee, and CM Security have approved it’s security.

VidMate APK

About VidMate APK

VidMate APK is a popular and versatile HD video, movie, and music downloader and converter, doubling as an excellent player. This app allows users to access thousands of streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and more for free. Users can stream movies, music, HD videos, and TV series in high definition on their Android devices without any cost. With VidMate APK, users can safely and freely download watermark-free videos and music from various platforms and watch them offline.

VidMate APK Latest Version

Name VidMate APK
Version 5.1
Developer UCWeb
Android Required 4.5 and Above
App Size 23.1 MB
Updated On May 04, 2024

Key Features Of VidMate APK

Search Video Sites

The VidMate APK also has a search feature, allowing users to find videos and access specific sites easily. You can search for various types of videos, songs, and more using this convenient search option.

Stop And Resume Downloading

It offers a fantastic feature – the ability to pause and resume video, picture, and song downloads. If users need to stop the download at any point, they can simply click the pause button.

Download YouTube Videos

With VidMate APK, you can not only download videos from social media like Facebook, Pikashow, or Instagram, but also from YouTube. It’s great because you can easily download any YouTube video.

Languages Available

The VidMate APK supports over 18 languages and users can set any of the languages and use these outstanding applications. The languages are English, Urdu, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, and many others.

Convert Video Song To Audio

Many people struggle to convert video songs to audio or MP3 format, but VidMate APK has now solved this problem. Users can easily convert video songs to MP3.

View Foreign Shows And Movies

You can watch foreign dramas and TV shows online, enhancing your experience with international entertainment and making leisure time enjoyable with such outstanding applications.

In-App Browsing

VidMate APK has a built-in browser that lets users search for videos and content within the app, streamlining the process of finding and downloading desired content.

Regular Updates

VidMate APK is frequently updated to ensure compatibility with various platforms and fix any bugs or issues, providing a smooth and reliable experience.

High-Quality Downloads

VidMate offers various download quality options, ranging from standard definition to high-definition (HD) and even 4K resolution, providing users with the freedom to choose the quality that suits their needs.

How to Download VidMate APK

How to Install VidMate APK


VidMate APK is a versatile video downloader offering high-quality downloads, batch processing, and customizable settings. With a user-friendly interface and support for multiple platforms and formats, it’s a convenient tool for managing multimedia content. However, use it responsibly, keeping legal considerations in mind. Overall, VidMate provides an efficient way to download and manage videos on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VidMate APK?

 VidMate APK is an Android app that allows users to download videos and music from various online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Is VidMate APK safe to use?

VidMate APK is generally safe, but always download it from trusted sources to avoid potential security risks.

Can I download videos in different resolutions?

Yes, VidMate allows users to download videos in various resolutions, from 144p to 4K, depending on the source.

Is VidMate available for iOS and PC?.

VidMate is not currently accessible on iOS and PC. If you wish to use our app on your computer or laptop, you may need to install Bluestacks.

Is VidMate harmful for my device?

VidMate APK is completely safe, and its security has been confirmed by various virus and malware detection tools. You can also check each update using these platforms, ensuring a worry-free experience with VidMate APK.

Do we have to pay some money in order to download and use VidMate APK?

No, it is 100% free. Users can download this APK and enjoy all its features without paying a single penny.